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"I had a phone conference with Peter about a very complicated legal matter that I am dealing with. He ended up not being able to take the case but he spent a good amount of his own time on the phone with me, giving me all kinds of tips and suggestions and a few referrals to other attorneys that may be able to help me in my particular area of law. In this day and age, attorneys just don't do that. No one really does that. He is honest, credible, and has a good heart. I will definitely keep his information close in case I run into an issue that he specializes in."

Amorita S., January 2018 Yelp

"We selected Mr. Triandafilou based on nothing. We needed a probate lawyer and his name came up as the result of a Google search. As it turned out, Google did us well. He was very clear and helpful, there were no hidden fees, and he was absolutely accessible to answer all of our questions. Our navigation through the probate process with Peter Triandafilou as our guide was seamless as well as affordable. As a result of our experience, I highly recommend Peter Triandafilou."

Lamar, July 2017 Avvo


"Mr. Triandafilou handled a probate case for me which he did an excellent job!  Very professional, made the process straightforward and is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects when it comes to the law.  I would highly recommend him, and have to several of my other clients."

Charlene L., February 2016 Yelp

"I highly recommend the Seattle Law Office if you need legal help.  Finding the right professional help that you are confident in and comfortable with is very important during difficult times.  Mr. Triandafilou of Seattle Law Office listened and clearly explained my situation, process, steps, costs and anticipated schedule all the while being very professional and responsive to my circumstances and questions.   Seattle Law Office took care of business and exceeded all of my expectations and I would give them the highest rating without reserve." 

Duane S., April 2015 Yelp

"As a Realtor I often need Probate Attorneys and I always refer Peter Triandafilou.  He has been excellent to work with.  One of my client tried to do it yourself and Peter was able to step in during the process and clean up the probate paperwork and make to Real Estate deal happen.  My clients have been real happy with him." 

Diana N., August 2014 Yelp

"Attorney Peter Triandafilou, One of the Good Guys.  Just plain luck in finding Attorney Peter Triandafilou through a Google Search.  He handled my deceased father's estate and the preparation and filing of mine and my husband's will and health directives.  He was upfront about cost.  He told us how much it would cost and that is what it cost.  From researching other attorneys, his charges were very reasonable.  Email questions from myself received prompt responses.  His office is not in downtown Seattle but in a northeast Seattle neighborhood with accessible (and free) parking.  He would spend whatever time was necessary in one on one conversations.  Complete and professional documentation.  In his profession, he's definitely one of the good guys!" 

Diane, August 2013  Avvo

"Peter Triandafilou is a very knowledgeable attorney. He is especially knowledgeable about the Seattle area and provides solid legal advice both in the legal aspects and the practical aspects of getting things done. I strongly recommend him for all legal matters, especially wills and probate, and if I have any legal matters I consult him."

P. Kim, October 2012 Avvo


"The best service ever received.  He is very knowledgeable.  Never over charged me.  Kept me informed with all the updates of my case and also always gave me good support.” 

January 2012   Avvo

"I worked with Peter on the execution of a legal contract and found him decisive, clever, knowledgeable and passionate. He is highly educated and able to articulate the problem and solution quickly and without a lot of useless drama. I recommend him highly for any legal issues involving business, real estate, litigation, estate planning or family law." Service Category: Attorney.  Year first hired: 2010.  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity." 

Marlow H., April 2011   LinkedIn

“Very impressive... knowledgeable, patient, and thorough...a true gift to find such a capable lawyer with an admirable balance of legal expertise, common sense, and empathy. Mr. Triandafilou efficiently guided me through what was, to me, a confusing maze of legal & business dilemmas, to timely and cost effective solutions. Peter Triandafilou has my highest recommendation.” 

Lynne F., June 2009  Yelp

“I was looking for legal help in establishing my own business, and felt intimidated by the fancy law offices that came up in all my searches. I came across Seattle Law Office, the legal practice of Peter A. Triandafilou, and immediately felt I'd found what I was looking for. Peter's credentials are impressive (Wharton business, NYU law), but he's unpretentious and very affordable. I highly recommend him for someone looking for generalist legal guidance on a small budget.” 

Lindsay P., May 2007 Yelp

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