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Fees and Costs


Seattle Probate Services handles both the probate of estates (both with and without a Last Will and Testament) in court, and the administration of estates outside of court, at highly competitive, cost-effective rates.  In many cases, we offer our experienced legal services at affordable fixed fee rates.   In other cases, we offer services at an hourly rate, of $295 an hour for attorney services, and $125 an hour for paralegal services.  These hourly rates are also applicable to the representation of estate beneficiaries and legal heirs.


For those estates (with or without a Last Will and Testament) with assets of less than $100,000 and no real estate, and where the appointment of a Personal Representative (executor or administrator) is not needed to adequately handle estate affairs and distribute estate assets a $950 fixed fee option (including court costs) may be available.  


Every estate is unique, and the cost to administer the estate will depend on the particular circumstances.  Contact us to find out how Seattle Probate Services provides experienced, attentive, affordable legal services relating to any estate administration issue.

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