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Due to the pandemic, we have relocated our office, and have a new address, as well as a new phone number.


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We understand that the death of a relative or friend is difficult, and that dealing with a decedent's estate can be confusing, complex, time-consuming, and costly.  We're here to help you through all aspects of the administration of a decedent's estate -- whether in a probate proceeding in court, or outside of court when probate is not needed.  We handle estates (with or without a Last Will and Testament), from routine tasks to litigation when necessary to resolve a dispute, and will do so in a professional, attentive, and responsive manner at a cost that may be significantly lower than the charges of most practicing Washington attorneys. 


We also represent clients who are the legal heirs of a decedent or are named beneficiaries in the decedent's Will and want to ensure that their rights are protected and that they receive their proper distributive shares of the estates.  When necessary, we initiate court proceedings (litigation) to enforce the rights of heirs and beneficiaries, or address other issues relating to the administration of estates.


We provide experienced, affordable legal representation in Washington State for the administration of the estate of a decedent who was a resident of the state or owned real property in the state.  Estate administration, even in straightforward situations, can be involved, and quite frequently, complications arise that need to be dealt with.  Not only do debts of the decedent need to paid (or disputed) and the net assets of the estate need to be distributed, but typically, income tax returns for the Decedent and income tax returns for the estate need to be filed.  Given the many issues that need to be addressed in estate administration, it is prudent for persons taking charge of handling estates to retain experienced legal counsel to competently guide them through the process of estate administration.  Seattle Law Office PLLC is available to handle all aspects of estate administration, and can do so at rates that may be significantly lower than what other law firms usually charge.


Probate and other estate administration procedures do not have to be expensive.  Seattle Probate Services can handle estate administration in a cost-effective manner, at either low hourly fees, or in many cases, low fixed fees.


Estates need to be administered, both where the Decedent died having a Last Will and Testament, as well as where the Decedent died with no will (intestate).  Many estates need to be administered in court through a probate proceeding.  Other estates can be handled outside of court.  What is right for a particular decedent's estate depends on the particular facts, such as whether there is a Last Will and Testament, a Living Trust agreement, or a Community Property Agreement, or the dollar value of all estate assets is below $100,000 (and there is no real estate).


Please Contact Us.  We're here to help you with all of your estate administration needs.

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